Divers carry the most respected and sought after scuba credentials in the world.

No matter where you choose to dive, your certification will be recognized and accepted.

In fact, on most scuba diving adventures you’ll be surrounded by other divers who made the same certification choice you did – to train with the world’s largest and most respected scuba diving training organization, 

To serve the needs of divers worldwide, translations of materials are available in over 28 languages.




Islas de las Bahia (the Bay Islands) are part of the 2nd largest reef in the world, the Meso American Barrier Reef, and feature vibrant corals, multi-colored tropical fish, sponges as big as refrigerators and pelagics such as manta rays, sea turtles and whale sharks.

The Bay Islands are actually the mountaintops of an underwater mountain range called the Bonacca Ridge.

Divers enjoy warm tropical waters year-round, warm and friendly people, and great visibility!  The primary languages are English and Spanish which makes getting around a breeze!




No island in the Caribbean offers more distinctive or easily accessible dive sites than Utila. Our reefs and drop-offs are packed with colorful marine life and ideally suited for novices and experts alike. 

You can see virtually every creature that lives in the Caribbean – whether you’re snorkeling near the surface, diving Utila's grand walls, or swimming through the Halliburton wreck.

Utila Cays Diving is the ONLY shop located near the NORTH side of the island, which means we are already half-way to the BEST sites in the Bay Islands!


Get in the ocean right away and experience our underwater paradise without needing certification.

Try Scuba Diving! It’s your opportunity to discover the magical world of colorful fish and living reefs in crystal clear blue and warm water - Scuba Diving! There’s nothing like it. Scuba Diving is much easier than you think and Try Scuba Diving will prepare you to participate in this new sport that awaits you. Dive into a whole new world. Before you start your new experience, you can conveniently study the academics right on your computer, tablet or Smartphone with SSI’s Digital training.



Must be 10 years old


Half a day


Gear rental, Taxes, Reef Fees & Professional Instruction


Short on time? Get your scuba diving certification started while on vacation and finish up when you get home!

Scuba Diver is the perfect course for those who do not have time to complete an entire Open Water Diver Program. The content of this program represents about half of a complete scuba diving certification program (SSI Open Water Diver). You can then complete the second half and become a certified diver at another time, anywhere that is convenient for you.

At the end of the program you will receive your Scuba Diver Certificate indicating the successful completion of this program. This certificate entitles you to take part in dives under the direct supervision of a Dive Professional up to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet all over the world. When you decide to complete your Open Water Diver certification, the Scuba Diver Program can be fully credited to your training. This way you will not have to redo any part of the program twice. After a short skill update you can complete your Open Water Diver rating.


10-14 years old (Junior Scuba Diver)
 15 years old (Scuba Diver)


2-3 days


Gear rental, Teaching materials, Taxes, Reef Fees, Professional Instruction and Diving certification


Becoming an SSI Open Water Diver is the best way to start your scuba adventure due to worldwide recognition!

With personalized training and taking enough time, we make sure you are truly comfortable under water with the skills and equipment you will use. In general, an Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts: Academics, Confined Training and Open Water Sessions.


The SSI Training Materials and Online Training program are designed so that you can learn the academics at your own pace when it is convenient for you. You can complete the academics online when you sign up for SSI’s Online Training program, and then attend review sessions right here on the cays


Open Water Diver 3-4 days
Open Water Diver with e-Learning completed at home 3 days
Open Water Referral (theory and confined skills completed at home) 2 days


Gear rental, Teaching materials, Taxes, Reef Fees, Professional Instruction and Diving certification


"Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies."

Stress is a major contributor to rescue situations and diving accidents. Through this course you will learn accident prevention, as well as how to handle problem situations if they occur.

The program is about avoiding, recognizing and solving problems on the surface and underwater.

The course runs two - four days in which you will participate in academic and in-water sessions in the confined area and in the open water. As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR, First Aid & Oxygen Provider certificate (or obtain your SSI React Right certification).


Minimum age: 15 years old (10 years old for Junior Adventure Diver) or
(Junior) Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another organization)


1-2 days


Teaching materials, Taxes, Reef Fees, Professional Instruction and Diving certification

'Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course. It happened to me ... on that summer’s day, when my eyes were opened to the sea.'

- Jacques Yves Cousteau